The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

The simple words stated above remind us of a precious truth that has been forgotten and buried throughout time.  The womb is a sacred place of creation, the center of creative power.  Through societal influence, family beliefs and personal ways in which we have disowned this gift a powerful way to grow and bring about change has been lost.  For hundreds of years the collective female energy has been squelched, abused, ignored and denied.  Because of this women are carrying within them their own pain and apprehension along with that of their mothers, grandmothers and all female ancestors.  The results of this can be seen around us in the form of fear, anger, sorrow, shame, guilt and pain; that have blocked us from reaching our full potential.  Our mother earth itself has also suffered as a result of this by the way we treat her when these emotions are being experienced.

Deep within the Amazon jungle of Peru female shamans of the Shipibo Nation were given insight into feminine healing and empowerment that is needed today. Through jungle medicine, mother earth revealed to them that the time has come to bring this basic truth back into our consciousness for the benefit of all.  It is time for women, men and the earth itself to heal and embrace this powerful feminine creative energy.  These shamans received an initiation through an energetic transmission that has come to be known as the Rite of the Womb. They passed it on to Marcela Lobos who was entrusted to bring it to women and men of our modern society.  This rite is part of the Munay Ki Rites of shamanic initiation.  One is not required to receive any of the other Munay Ki Rites in order to benefit from receiving the Rite of the Womb.  Anyone who feels the call to heal, grow personally and share it’s benefits with others is welcome to receive it. Sharing this with others is strongly encouraged, once it is is anchored into your being.

Benefits of Receiving the Rite:
Opens your heart and womb (creative center) by clearing heavy energies.  You may have lived with this energy for so long that you are not even aware of how it affects your way of being.
Allows you to come home to yourself and begin to listen to your body, dreams and desires, making room for your own individual essence to flow.
Releases blockages related to self-love, self-confidence and sexuality.
Allows you to begin to nurture a new sense of being, creativity, sensitivity, and power within you.  Through this power you can give birth to anything you want to create for yourself, others or the earth and all of our relations on it.  
Creates the ability for profound healing to take place for you and your ancestral lines on all levels.  

Once you receive this rite, man or woman, you become part of a lineage of women who have healed just as you have begun to do.  As Marcela Lobos, the shaman who brought this rite, states:

“And now you are the lineage as much as I am the lineage. We are becoming women who freed themselves from suffering.
Keep nurturing the rite until there is no more fear or pain in your womb.”

Come join us in this lineage and feel the freedom and joy that comes with being a part of deep lasting change within you and those parts of the world that you will be privileged to share your true essence with!

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Rite of the Womb Healing Ritual
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