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Intuitive Empath
Tarot / Oracle

Sarah is an Arizona native and has been an East valley resident for over a decade.
She was born an intuitive empath and spent many of her early childhood years seeing
and speaking to spirits. She began providing Oracle card readings in 2015,
and gradually progressed into the realm of tarot. Her approach is straight forward,
giving clients a no nonsense take on their current reality. Her passion lies in helping people
reclaim their power and manifest their highest timeline through the use of the intuitive arts.


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Animal Communicator
Shamanic Energy Medicine
Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Barbaras love for animals & others led her to be a certified veterinary
assistant, in addition to working in social services. Helping animals &
people taught her how to become a voice for them, ultimately leading to her
calling in shamanism. She studied under numerous mentors & initiated
under Alberto Villoldo & Marcela Lobos, graduating from the Four Winds
Society’s Light Body School of Energy Medicine, becoming a full Mesa
Carrier & Lineage Keeper in the Q’ero tradition. She now uses the techniques
to pinpoint issues that people or their pets are experiencing & shamanic
energy medicine to support their personal healing & growth.
“Those who teach us the most about humanity aren’t always human”



(Online only) Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Intuitive Tarot
Dream Interpretation

As a psychic medium and intuitive Tarot reader,
Angela will help you work with the current flow of energy,
allowing you to make better decisions and propel you into your dreams.
Tarot Readings: “I read cards intuitively, meaning the cards are tools to help me
understand messages from spirit. I am then able to pass those messages on to you.”

Mediumship: “I was born with the ability to interact with those on the other side.
These ‘interviews’ can be very healing and reassuring.”

Dream interpretation: Often, our spirit guides communicate with us through dreams.
“I can help you understand what those dreams mean.”


(In Store) Wednesday & Thursday

Gail has a very simple and direct approach to her sessions with clients in order to get to the heart of the message.  As an intuitive reader, she naturally channels what is coming through, and will incorporate the Oracle cards for further insight. Gail expressed she once had aspirations of becoming a therapist, and in pursuit of that goal she became an ordained minister. She aims to create a safe space for listening and healing. When asked about her training and experience, Gail responded after a pause, “Simply, Life.” A Phoenix native, Gail’s journey has taken her to California, Mississippi, Utah, and Washington state. Gail has a heart of gold and has a way of making each of her clients feel special, because to her they truly are!


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Intuitive Guidance
Spiritual Advisor

Emily has been an Empath all her life. She is multi-certified, can feel where
you are on your path, and where healing needs to occur. Emily is Clair-
audient, Clair-sentient, Clair-cognizant, and more! She uses Tarot & Oracle
cards to verify the messages she receives from your angels & guides. Emily
has the ability to make you feel safe, secure, & confided with her
unconditional love, & non-judgmental approach.
“It is the light that urges the flower to open its heart to the world.”